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May 8, 2023 7:32 pm  #1

How'd You Like To Work At This Station, 150 Km. From The Arctic Circle

Unhappy with the station you're at? Maybe you'd prefer to go to work at CBQM. It's an actual Canadian radio station so far up north, it's just about 150 km. from the Arctic Circle. It's winter there most of the time and for about six months, you never really see the sun. What does that mean for the crew who does the "morning" show? I mean, how would you tell? Then again, the all-night jock endures half a year of all daylight.

Plus, it might take a snowmobile to get to work every day. 

This station was the subject of a National Film Board documentary made by one its listeners, who adores the place and gave it loving attention. It's certainly not like any radio station most of us have ever worked at - or listened to.

You may not want to watch the entire-hour-long documentary, but the opening scenes at least are worth a look - if only to see what it's like to work at one of the remotest radio stations in Canada, if not on earth. But it shows how important the outlet is to the Indigenous population and others who live there and how radio truly serves their needs. 

And let's face it, there's not much competition!

The film was made in 2013.