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April 25, 2023 8:48 am  #1

The Woman Behind The Greatest TV Finale Ever Dies At 82

Her name was Ginnie Newhart and she was the wife of celebrated comedian/actor Bob Newhart. According to the Hollywood Reporter, when her husband decided to end his last big series, "Newhart," about the owner of a Vermont Inn, they were desperately trying to come up with the perfect ending to the series. 

It was Ginnie who thought of the now famous scene where Bob wakes up in the bedroom of his old show, with his former TV wife Suzanne Pleshette from his previous series sleeping right beside him. Ginnie met Pleshette at a party and had this inspiration for a scene that would make the perfect ending to his show. 

I heard John Moore talking about this Tuesday morning, even as I was composing this post. And I'm glad to hear she's getting her due. Though she was never on camera, for that alone, she's earned her place in TV history. 

Ginnie Newhart, Wife of Bob Newhart And Creator Of The Best TV Ending, Dies at 82

The story behind this storied finale can be found here, along with the famous scene.