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April 19, 2023 4:17 pm  #1

This Radio Voiceover Guy Is Blind. So How Does He Read All That Copy?

His name is Pete Gustin and he's the voice you hear on all those IDs on WRIF, aka The Riff in Detroit. He makes his living voicing thousands of bits of copy and promos for some 300 clients, including radio and TV stations across the U.S., not to mention the NFL and the NHL and most of the American TV networks. 

But while he has great pipes, he also has a mountain to climb that others in the biz don't - he's completely blind, having lost his eyesight as a young boy.

So how does he "read" the copy they all send him? His story is amazing and so is the video that shows you how he does it. A truly remarkable talent. 

The Incredible Story Of The Blind Man Whose Voice You Hear On WRIF