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March 14, 2023 8:57 pm  #1

CTV News Channel Revamps Evening Programming

Seems like the changes on CTV News Channel's Power Play with Vassy Kapelos were just the beginning.  Last week the network introduced new graphics and bumper music, for their programming.

This week the news networks evening programming has been revamped with the addition of several new programs
6pm- After Power Play there is a news update and then a new program with The Debate hosted by Michael Le Couteur.

7pm- This Hour hosted by Angie Seth. 

8pm- Top 3 Tonight with Merella Fernandez

9pm- The Close with host Jacquelin Hanson which is from BNN Bloomberg and broken down into two half hours with the closing markets and a phone in program with Larry Burman

10pm- CTV National News 

I noticed yesterday that both This Hour and Top 3 Tonight had more input with live reports from various CTV affiliate studios.

Anyway, the evening programming has a more live feel than before and the freshening up on air is timely.  CBC News Network made some evening changes back in the fall and early winter.