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March 8, 2023 8:38 pm  #1

The Bizarre Reason A 100-Yr. Old Radio Stn. Went Off The Air For Good

You won't read a lot about Idaho radio here, and for good reason, but this story is so bizarre I thought some here might find it interesting. A station with the great call letters "KID" had been on the air since 1921 in the city of Idaho Falls and was the so-called heritage outlet in the small market because it had been around so long. 

But its signal is gone and its licence has been turned back into the FCC, leaving static where the station used to be. So what happened? It started two years ago when a local farmer accidentally knocked down one of its towers. But when they tried to claim insurance to pay for a replacement, they were shocked to find the guy who owned the land where it stood had already claimed the payment, despite the broadcaster having registered the land title under their name. 

While they were debating what to do, the property owner promptly knocked down the other two towers and then destroyed the transmitter building!

By this time, the company concluded it simply wasn't worth replacing everything and decided not to continue the fight. The result: silence on 590 AM and the KID was not alright. “AM is not exactly the hottest format in the world right now, and it just didn’t make sense,” [president Rich] Mecham explains. “I would’ve done just about anything to keep the heritage call letters, but this guy put us in a position where we had to surrender our license.”

What a way to end a hundred years on the air!

Radio station goes off the air after nearly 100 years