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March 2, 2023 5:09 pm  #1

Canada Media Fund Survey Wants Your Opinion Of CanCon

With the imminent passage of Bill C-11, the so-called "Internet Streaming Bill" (or the "Internet Censorship Bill" depending on which side you take on it) the Canada Media Fund is taking a rather extensive online survey about Canadian Content and whether its definition should be changed, and how it should be applied. 

The survey is mostly anonymous (they never ask for your name, just your former or current media involvement and the first three digits of your postal code) and takes a while to complete.

"The 10-minute survey is open to all individuals who work in (or aspire to work in) Canada’s audiovisual production and broadcasting sector. It is designed to be widely accessible, regardless of role, level of experience, or knowledge regarding Canadian content policy. "

I took it and I'm guessing they will completely discount my answers. I mainly indicated that I thought the CanCon rules, established in the early 70s, had mostly accomplished their goals and this country now has a thriving music industry, and therefore the quotas should be either eliminated or vastly reduced. I believe we have reached the point where if it's good and it's Canadian, it gets played without forcing anyone to do so. 

It's a slightly different animal when it comes to streaming and TV shows, and the questionnaire seems mostly centered on that aspect of the biz.

Anyway, your opinions may differ and you can feel free to offer your own version of what CanCon should be in the modern era. You can find details on how to add your voice here, but don't wait too long. The survey closes on March 31st.