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February 28, 2023 9:53 pm  #1

CRTC Orders Rogers To Stop Hiding Info On That Huge Outage

The CRTC isn't happy with Rogers' response to the infamous mass outage last July, when cell phones, Internet connections, payment terminals and some cable services went down for hours on end. The Commission has ordered Big Red to effectively stop hiding some of the details about what happened, after pages and pages of their documents were redacted due to "confidentiality."

 "...these responses contained vast amounts of redacted information. In some cases, Rogers blacked out entire pages...

"Now, the Commission is ordering Rogers to file abridged versions of the confidential appendices. “Rogers is reminded that it is expected to disclose information on the public record to the maximum extent possible, given the immense public interest in understanding the facts surrounding the outage.”

But the company is still refusing to fully cooperate, noting any "abridged" version could lead to "security concerns," whatever that means. And they're even giving the CRTC trouble on when it's due. The Commission wanted the info by March 1st. Rogers asked them to delay it until at least the following week and later into the month.

The government agency wants to ensure what happened to millions of subscribers in the summer doesn't happen again. Rogers, it seems, would be just as happy to disconnect from the process and appears to want to provide as little information as possible. 

CRTC orders Rogers to disclose redacted details on July outage