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February 26, 2023 8:53 pm  #1

Radio Consultant Praises Dale Patterson's "Oh Wow" Online Oldies Stn.

Sean Ross is a well known name in radio - a consultant and researcher with years in the business, who writes regular columns on the programming philosophies of stations across North America. 

In one recent piece, he notes that 60s and 70s music, although very different eras, have now almost become one decade in the minds of oldies station programmers. 

And after discussing many over-the-air examples, he saves the best for last, praising SOWNY originator Dale Patterson's online labour of love, "Oh Wow, The Songs Radio Forgot."

Nice going Dale! It's definitely a unique place to listen to music no one plays anymore - but should!

Ross On Radio: How The 60s & 70s Became One Era