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January 20, 2023 8:37 am  #1

Legendary Pioneer Rock DJ Dies

His name isn't a household one here, but fans of radio history will certainly know about Jerry Blavat. "The Geator With The Heater," as he called himself, was not only a legendary disc jockey in the early days of rock radio in Philadelphia, but he became something of a celebrity outside that market when he appeared on a number of network TV series - including The Monkees. It's said he helped develop what we now know as the "oldies" format. 

He was also part of the original "Bandstand" in Philly (before it became "American Bandstand") and took part in picking records for that show when he was just 13, managed Danny & The Juniors, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and helped launch the careers of great artists like The Four Seasons.  

And there was one thing more. In 2021, a local Philly station aired something called "The Lost Dedications." It came from Blavat moving out of his longtime office and discovering hundreds of unopened letters from teen listeners from way back when, requesting he play their favourite songs. He decided to finally put those delayed dedications on air, leading to another incredible memory. You can hear the songs and that show in the linked article below. 

He was on the air or involved in the industry for an incredible 62 years

"So my life has been about wonderful people. And if it ends tomorrow, I'll have no regrets because I made people happy, and by making people happy, it fulfilled my life," he told a New Jersey publication.

A pretty good one at that. Blavat was 82.

Legendary Philadelphia disc jockey Jerry Blavat dies at 82