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December 29, 2022 10:09 pm  #1

Toronto Raptors Play-By-Play Turns Up On CFRB

Funny to hear the Raptors play-by-play on CFRB Thursday night, which really has nothing else to run at this time of the year anyway.

The reason the NBA was shunted over to 1010 was because TSN1050 had the rights to Team Canada's Junior hockey match, so the game had to go somewhere. Oddly, I was listening to the station several times throughout the day. At no time did they mention they were taking the game.

I'm surprised it's been this long since it happened. The odd time, 680 takes the overlap from a Leaf or Raptor game when the Fan has a Jays commitment. But that hasn't happened for a long time, either. 


December 29, 2022 10:45 pm  #2

Re: Toronto Raptors Play-By-Play Turns Up On CFRB

Interesting that the game is also being carried on the web. I know the Jays are never on the Fan site, thanks to MLB blackout rules. I thought that might apply to the Raptors as well. But no, the play-by-play is what you hear when you click on "Listen Live."

Also noteworthy on the site: a promo site for The Rush, which features Scott MacArthur's picture quite prominently. So while they never mention his name anymore, it appears he still IS with the station, hopefully to return with an explanation in 2023.

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