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December 23, 2022 1:01 pm  #1

Interesting Omission From "Touchdowns & Fumbles Of 2022"

Bob Reid did his usual Touchdowns and Fumbles segment on CFRB Friday, this time listing the best and worst of the year. The point of the show is not to pick people he likes or hates, but who managed (or mismanaged) their media the best and got their message across. 

For the failures, he picked Hockey Canada as fumble runner-up of the year for horrible communications. And he awarded the organizers of the Truckers Convoy as messing up their point during the Ottawa occupation as the worst of the worst for 2022. 

I suppose both were worthy of their worst designation, but there was something missing - any mention of CFRB-owner Bell Media on the sudden and still largely unexplained firing of Lisa LaFlamme as anchor of CTV News and the communications disaster from the company that followed. Funny how that wasn't even a candidate, though it made headlines around the world. 

Hmm, I wonder why that wasn't mentioned...