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December 23, 2022 12:44 am  #1

The Story Behind Johnny Bower's "Honky The Christmas Goose"

In case you ever wondered how a Toronto Maple Leaf goalie wound up recording a Canadian Christmas classic, here's the story.

That time when a Mississauga hockey legend had an unlikely hit Christmas song

"Bower, who did a number of promotional appearances around Toronto and surrounding areas to promote sales of the record, said he never could live down the song, especially in the Leafs’ dressing room where teammates would urge him to sing a few choruses every so often…mostly often. 

“If you thought (Eddie) Shack and (Tim) Horton were tough on the ice, you should have heard what they were like when they wanted you to sing after a tough loss to Montreal,” said Bower to an audience of eager listeners many years ago."


December 23, 2022 10:21 am  #2

Re: The Story Behind Johnny Bower's "Honky The Christmas Goose"

So I was the MC at a golf tournament years ago, and Johnny Bower was one of the special guests.  After the round and prior to dinner I was doing my thing at the mic and was told that dinner would delayed.
Had to fill time and was interviewing Johnny so I asked him about the song.   Then I asked him if we could sing it.  Johnny was great, he agreed.  Luckily, and I don't know why but I knew all the words.  So that is one of the hilites of my career, singing Honky the Christmas Goose with one of the greatest Leafs of all time.   Actually have about 15 seconds of video of it somewhere.
BTW, Johnny was great.