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December 12, 2022 12:41 pm  #1

Leafs Great Tiger Williams Gets A Cameo On The Simpsons

The days when the Simpsons makes huge news is generally behind us, but on Sunday night's show there was not only a shoutout to the Toronto Maple Leafs but an appearance by one of its fan favourites - Tiger Williams. The episode centered on Moe The Bartender trying to coach kids and hiring bully Nelson Muntz to be his goon. 

That entailed going to "goon hockey" school where you learn the lesson of protecting your "primary" - the star player on the team (in this case Bart.) Williams provided a few voice overs and got mentioned in the credits. 

None of which should be a surprise - the episode was written by Joel H. Cohen, who originally hails from Calgary but has since found success down south, writing close to 40 episodes of the show. He frequently works in Canadian references, and what could be more Canadian than Tiger Williams? If you missed the episode, you can see it here