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November 18, 2022 8:54 am  #1

Famous Radio Name At Forefront Of Buffalo Snowstorm Emergency

The name is familiar but he's not actually in radio, although if you watch any Buffalo newscast during the terrible snowstorm hitting that city, you'll recognize the moniker. It's Dan Neaverth Jr., the son of the long time Western New York radio legend. In this case, the offspring is playing a pretty important role. 

Neaverth Jr. is the Commissioner of the Erie County Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Services, and will be playing a prominent part in what happens just south of our border as this emergency unfolds. I had no idea his son occupied such an important role in the Queen City. 

Meanwhile, as this expected disaster unfolds, I wonder if the local Buffalo affiliates will stick with network primetime programming or cut in to provide continuous coverage of the storm. I suppose a lot depends on how it all unfolds. I can make one prediction - nothing will interrupt the NFL games, especially the Bills vs. the Browns, now relocated to Detroit.