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November 17, 2022 3:49 pm  #1

Tom Hanks To Program This Radio Station For U.S. Thanksgiving

It doesn't sound like you'll hear his voice, but actor and "nice guy" Tom Hanks has arranged with a Pittsburgh radio station to take over their playlist for the American Thanksgiving on Nov. 24th. According to WYEP-FM in Pittsburgh:

"Hanks provided WYEP with an eclectic and very fun list of 100 songs for the station takeover, with a 66-year timespan—ranging between music from 1956 all the way to a duet released a few months ago between Elvis Costello and Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson."

They're calling it "Hanks-Giving" and his special playlist will run from 8 AM-7 PM on U.S. Turkey Day. It's an interesting stunt, although it would be better if Hanks himself was presenting the music. 

If you're curious what they have planned, you can listen to the station live online.