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November 13, 2022 11:15 am  #1

The Great Long Running TV History Website You May Not Know About

I remember when I got my first modern computer (although I started out with a Commodore 64, which I still have) I discovered this website. Over the years and indeed, decades, the site has continually added more and more items and I only recently rediscovered it. It's as great as I remember it.

It's called "TV Party" and the array of material available on the site is astounding. Here's a small - and I emphasize small - list of what's on there:

-TV's Superman: Murder or Suicide?
-1960s Saturday Morning TV
-TV's Greatest Game Shows
-The Beatles Cartoon Show
-The Supremes: Mary Wilson vs. Diana Ross
-Fall Previews of the 1970s
-Lost Kids Shows
-Classic TV Commercials
-TV's Embarrassing Moments
-Unseen Scenes
-Sitcom Houses
-Don Rickles Final Carson Appearance
-Game Show Bloopers
-The Lone Ranger
-Tom Snyder Interviews Star Trek Cast
-Eddie Murphy As James Bond? How It Almost Happened
-TV Book Tie-ins
-50 Best Niles Crane Insults
-What It's Like To Win A Car On The Price Is Right
-The Video Vault
-Saturday Morning Ads of the 60s

And believe me, that's just a partial list. But after being online for 26 years, you'd expect there's a lot to see. And there is.

You can find TV Party here.