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August 10, 2022 10:25 am  #1

Wolfman Jack, Real Don Steele, Wink Martindale All Airing On Same Stn.

It's a small station called KWXY in Palm Springs, California, of all places. And it boasts a host of famous names, many of whom are no longer with us. If you're looking for an unusual oldies station to listen to online, this may be the one. Among those heard daily: A remastered version of the Wolfman Jack syndicated show and the late KHJ jock Real Don Steele's 60s Show, which I have to admit I never even knew existed.

One upcoming program is a special produced by game show host and veteran radio personality Wink Martindale, which will be airing twice in the coming week. The documentary, called "The Elvis Presley Story," claims to have unique material from Martindale's own archives, since he knew The King in his early days and says he has stories and audio no one else does. 

I'm a bit confused by the announcement, since it indicates the special is 14 parts, but it airs twice in the coming week - from 9AM -11 AM Pacific Time. So I'm not entirely sure what will go in those two hours, but you certainly won't hear the whole thing. 

More details on this special can be found here.  

And you can listen to the station involved, KWXY, here. (They also carry The Beatle Brunch, a 70s show, an 80s show, a 90s show, a punk rock program, a rockabilly show hosted by "The Rev. Horton Heat," a Jimi Hendrix program, and a tri-weekly documentary on The History of Rock and Roll, hosted by the aforementioned Wink Martindale.)

All in all, a very unusual and eclectic radio station you may want to check out at various times of the day.