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August 1, 2022 11:30 am  #1

August 1st Marks 41 Yrs. Since Video Killed The Radio Star

Monday, August 1st marks exactly 41 years to the day that pioneering music video service MTV signed on in the U.S., a grand experiment a lot of experts didn't think would work. Who wants to watch music? Turns out, millions of teens and young people did and the channel - which on that first day was only available in select places in New Jersey - became one of the most successful cable entities of all time. (Thanks in part to an "I Want My MTV!" ad campaign that put the station on people's radar where it didn't exist.)

Almost everyone knows the Buggles' one hit wonder "Video Killed The Radio Star" was the first track ever played. 

It also inspired the eventual launch of MuchMusic by CHUM also in August, on the 31st to be exact, some three years later. 

Sad to see how both have become shadows of their former selves, and frankly, since there are so few music videos being shown these days, I'm not even entirely sure how either station is surviving or what their purpose is anymore.

MTV Launches August 1, 1981