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July 25, 2022 8:55 am  #1

Why Finding A Responsible New CRTC Chair Won't Be Easy

Ian Scott, the former telecom lobbyist, is set to end his near disastrous 5-year term as CRTC chair in September. He's pretty clearly sided with the big telcos on almost every issue, including helping them keep Internet rates high, despite marching orders to the contrary from his government bosses. 

So will the next person who sits in the chair be any better or understand the digital era? An enlightening article in the National Post suggests the answer will sadly be a resounding "no."

"The current chairman, Scott, has a deep background in telecom. And the source said the typical hiring pool is from people with experience in telecom and broadcasting, but “all that does is bring in people who are inevitably, from day one, in a conflict of interest.”

"Regulatory capture is a perennial criticism of the CRTC, a constant concern that it’s over-friendly with the sectors it regulates. Those appointed to the commission are “there for five years, and there’s a great temptation to be very close to the companies or at least being conscious that you want to get a job” after they leave, said the source. One CRTC vice-chair previously had the number for the big telecoms on speed dial, the source said."

The ideal candidate to bring CRTC into the streaming era? They might not even exist


July 25, 2022 9:20 am  #2

Re: Why Finding A Responsible New CRTC Chair Won't Be Easy

First question for any applicant to the job.

"What does the in CRTC stand for?"

You don't have to be a good sport to be a mad one.

July 25, 2022 9:33 am  #3

Re: Why Finding A Responsible New CRTC Chair Won't Be Easy

Since the National Post has no idea who has applied for the job or who the new chair will ultimately be, it is a bit presumptuous for them to say that the new person will have a poor understanding of the digital era.  They have no clue. 

Years ago broadcasters complained that the CRTC was elitist filled with individuals, including the chairperson who had little media knowledge or broadcast background.  Now it is the opposite, many at the CRTC come from the industry and this is a new problem since these individuals have the potential of being too easily influenced by the conglomerates.  And we have witnessed with mergers and some of the rule changes that the commissioners and chair have been giving the big four or five more or less what they want.   


July 25, 2022 1:31 pm  #4

Re: Why Finding A Responsible New CRTC Chair Won't Be Easy

Don't allow Lawyers and former broadcast exec's hold the job?