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July 10, 2022 9:44 pm  #1

Are on air staff bio pages no longer needed?

Checking around a few websites tonight, I've noticed some companies (ah hem...Bell), don't seem to have personality bios pages anymore, while others are not updated. Are they still relevant?

For instance, you can only find CP24 bios pages by googling. I did that today and shockingly they have Jennifer Hsiung - that I know is new. However, her morning and noon co-host Nick Dixon is not on the website. But while I don't pay for CP24, they seem to constantly have new faces. I saw a live feed this morning, since I was up at 6am, and I didn't know the anchor or reporter for the three minutes I watched.

Meanwhile, CTV stations seems to have hidden their news teams as well. It used to be under the "about us" tab for all their cities, but they are gone. Possibly google can find it, but I didn't check.

While in radio, they never seem to have bios of news teams. Let's use Talk Radio such as CKTB. Their website has pages for the shows they air, but as for the news team, on a news/talk station, there is nothing. And CHML hasn't updated. Diana Weeks has been the "Senior" anchor on afternoons, for... gotta be pushing up on two years, and she's still not on the website, neither is Ted Michaels replacement, whose name I forget at the moment. Same issue with CHCH. They have many new reporters from within the last year, who are not on the website.