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June 20, 2022 8:26 am  #1

Kenny Loggins Radio Special Offered Free To Stations - & Online

Kenny Loggins has a new book out, so it's not surprising his publishers would stage a big blitz trying to draw attention to it. Their solution - a new 48-minute radio special, being offered free to stations across the country. The odd thing is they've also made it available for download online for free - and since there's no sign up necessary, anyone who wants to can hear it. 

I can't recall a so-called syndicated radio special being this available right off the mark bypassing local stations, which makes it unusual in itself. You'd think they'd want to restrict and make it a promotable radio exclusive. In any event, I've read a few excerpts from the book and some of the stories behind the Caddyshack theme ""I'm Alright" and a few of his other stories were surprisingly fascinating

So if you're a fan, here's where you can hear it, without needing a radio. 

Kenny Loggins Radio Special