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June 9, 2022 3:56 pm  #1

WECK Owner Inducted Into Buffalo Broadcasting Hall Of Fame

Buddy Shula is one of the vanishing breed of station owners - an independent maverick who took a 1,000-watt low power outlet on a terrible local 1230 AM frequency and turned it into WECK, one of the great oldies stations in the U.S. 

He also brought back a large number of classic DJs, who know the music best. And he insists on running a full service radio station, complete with newscasts and community ties. (He even once contributed a few posts to SOWNY, although I doubt that was a factor!)

As a result, he's one of several locals being inducted into the Buffalo Broadcasters' Assn. Hall of Fame. 

HoF Honors For WECK Owner

WECK can now be heard on AM and FM in and around the Queen City, but unfortunately, its signal is non-existent in the GTA and the only way you can hear it here is online.