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May 12, 2022 9:28 am  #1

Conservative Leadership Debate Coverage

Don't know if anyone caught the Conservative Leadership Debate last night.  

Production wise it was a bit sloppy with poor audio for about the first ten minutes.  And the pundits that CTV and CBC had on were not the best in my opinion.  The first debate last week, which was not sanctioned by the party, was run better,  but did get into a lot of personal comments from candidates and in fighting. 

This debate which also included all six candidates got off to a slow start and seemed to have a lot of rules.  Moderator Tom Clark while always pleasant and friendly was strict about time and was working hard to prevent the audience becoming part of the proceedings with applause and cheering. 

Most of the crowd in Edmonton was for Poilievre judging by the applause and Clark warned them to not applaud, boo or cheer during the candidates answers.  Clark had to do this several times and he threatened to deduct time from the speaker, and he did once with Poilievre.  When the crowd ignored him and continued he actually threatened to halt the debate.  The applause and cheering stopped. 

I thought the crowd might turn on the moderator but interestingly enough there was some humour and Clark had a few funny lines along with the candidates, so the mood remained mostly positive.

Analysis after the debate was generally poor in my opinion and CBC opted for the National at 10pm.  CTV was better and stuck with the press conference after the debate.  Everyone agreed there was no real winner and nobody had the important knockout punch. 

Did anyone else watch this?  French debate is next week and could be awkward since only Poilievre and Charest are fluent and Patrick Brown can apparently speak French somewhat but not fluent.


May 12, 2022 11:14 am  #2

Re: Conservative Leadership Debate Coverage

Certainly didn't plan on watching but, while channel flicking during the hockey game intermission, i saw it was on & ended up watching the whole thing.

I think the "sad trombone" worked great on shutting candidates up when they exceeded their time.

I'm really fed up with rude people who think they can do whatever they want .. the moderator warned the audience many, many times to stop the cheering during the debate .. I'm glad he finally followed thru & penalized some of Poilievre's time.

While I have major disagreement with most of the views presented by the candidates, simply from a style/manner (while ignoring their actual positions) likeability stand point, here's how I viewed the candidates: 
My "Likability" opinion:
Pierre Poilievre - Extreme dislike
Leslyn Lewis  - Dislike
Jean Charest - Like
Roman Baber - Like
Patrick Brown - Neutral
Scott Aitchison - Quite Like .. easily the most "Likeable" of the PC Candidates


May 12, 2022 11:18 am  #3

Re: Conservative Leadership Debate Coverage

Hey, maybe next time they'll use the "Fail Horn" from the Price is Right!"


May 12, 2022 11:33 am  #4

Re: Conservative Leadership Debate Coverage

I agree with your overview g121, Atchison was the most likeable and down to earth, it was funny when Clark forgot to let him and Patrick Brown answer a question.  To my view both Leslyn Lewis and Roman Baber were a bit out of their depth and didn't really have much to say about a few of the topics.
It was a different debate in the sense there was a whole section about personal preferences like favourite music, shows that you binge watch,  historic person you would want to meet if you could  what book are you reading now or last book, etc.  Some would think this was a waste of time but it did lighten things up a bit and some answers were interesting.  Same with the trombone, it wasn't overused but still kind of entertaining.  Tom Clark did do a good job in not letting the evening go off the rails which it easily could have.  

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