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May 6, 2022 3:13 pm  #1

It’s All In The Name…

At the time I wasn’t allowed to post on social media about being sent a link with Numeris to log my listening minutes for ratings.     This was over a month ago so mentioning it now doesn’t matter.    I did listen for a couple hours on a couple of the days to the “new” 1220 AM in St. Catharines, CFAJ.   When I typed those calls on the website, it then listed it as “1220 The Voice”.  I didn’t hear that moniker once.   They ID’d their station as “Classic 1220”.   Anyone know if this is or will be their new moniker?


May 6, 2022 3:35 pm  #2

Re: It’s All In The Name…

I doubt they'd use that moniker as a slogan, since they're ostensibly a music station - and since they don't appear to have ever signed on officially, the only "Voice" on the station is that of Peter Borbely, who does the occasional interstitial. 

I'm wondering if the CRTC database was referring to The Word, a Christian format being broadcast on a 50K station on 1220 out of Cleveland, that was once home to the legendary WGAR. It's now WHKW and generally overrides CFAJ's signal at night in this part of the GTA. Which means you certainly could have heard it here. 

Hard to say, but CFAJ has pretty much firmly identified itself as "Classic 1220," including on its still nascent website, which - even after all this time - suggests it will be "coming soon." So will Christmas and at this rate, I'm betting the holiday gets here first!