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April 19, 2022 11:02 pm  #1

CJOY AM In Guelph Slight Music Change

CJOY is one of the few AM stations around playing music 24/7. Quite a few years ago they shifted the music away from 50's-70's to 70's-90's.  Also they focused a bit more on new wave hits from 80's and some live album cuts. CJOY could still throw in the odd 60's classic and even early Elvis. 

I don't listen to them that much, they only have announcers for mornings (Mike Devine) and afternoons, but they are now subtly including songs after 2000.  This evening The Weeknd was in the mix with I Can't Feel My Face and other more recent gold from Alicia Keys, Train, Allesia Cara and a few others.  Not a lot of music from the 21st century but two or three per hour, and some from the last five years.