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April 8, 2022 2:16 pm  #1

Some Of Your Favourite Shows Could Stop If Directors Strike In B.C.

Toronto and Vancouver are the major hubs for TV production in Canada and now there's a chance some of your favourite U.S. and Canadian shows could be disrupted in the event of a Directors Guild strike. Members of the union in that province have voted in favour of job action, although there's no word on when it could start. 

Among the shows potentially affected: ABC's The Good Doctor and A Million Little Things, and a huge part of the CW's line-up, including shows like The Flash, Charmed, Riverdale and Superman & Lois.

The fact the end of the season is near for many of these shows and that some are already in the can may lessen the impact, and the Guild has maintained a strike vote doesn't mean its members will stop working right away, leaving more room for talks. And a walkout won't necessarily stop everything - there's a "safe harbour" provision that means shows currently in production would be allowed to continue. 

What happens out west won't, however, affect anything in the east. Toronto's branch of that union operates separately and the shows helmed here will go on. Whether any of the ones being made in B.C. could be moved east if a prolonged walkout happens, especially when our facilities are already mostly fully booked, is uncertain. 

Directors Guild Of Canada B.C. Members Vote Overwhelmingly To Authorize Strike Against Film & TV Production