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December 20, 2021 10:11 am  #1

"A Request For Death Row" - The Radio Station With A Captive Audience

It's a station you'll never want to listen to. Because you have to be in prison to really hear it. A penal institution in Texas broadcasts to a literal captive audience and has become the go-to entertainment source for inmates who are actually running this asylum.

An interesting story about the true "Death Row" records - and a pretty impressive-looking control room in a place you'd least expect to find one.

"Usually when I interview men on death row, we talk about their cases or their upcoming death dates or the conditions they live in.

"But now, they rattle off the programming schedule they know by heart. There’s “Smooth Groove” — that’s R&B — on Sundays, then rap on Mondays and Latin music on Tuesdays. There’s a night for Megamind’s conspiracy theory show inspired by “Coast to Coast AM,” and a night for alternative music."

The Prisoner-Run Radio Station That’s Reaching Men on Death Row