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August 1, 2021 9:31 am  #1

The Disc Jockeys' Favourite Disc Jockey

I'm pretty sure we all have a favourite radio personality who really influenced us in our careers. Mine were two you may never have heard of - Oogie Pringle on WNBC and The Real Bob James at WGAR in Cleveland. Both were on air in the early-mid 70s and both were simply phenomenal on air. (I'm overjoyed to say I've since met Bob - including on a visit to Toronto a few years ago, and he's as great a person as I hoped he would be. I'm proud to call him a friend and we communicate frequently.)

But there were also a lot closer to home that made me want to be in radio - guys like Bob McAdorey, Brian Skinner, Jay Nelson (CHUM), Steve O'Brien, John Rode, John Donabie (CKFH), Doc Holliday (CFTR), and so many more. 

But who did a host of other well-known personalities pick as their all-time inspirations? This article is from 1973, so there's certainly a lot more on the list and perhaps their choices would have changed over the years. (Although the late John Spragge's comments are kind of sad, for a guy of his stature. Wonder what the employees at CFRB felt reading them?) 

Many of these picks were - and still are - legends of the airwaves, although way too many of their choices are gone now.