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June 18, 2021 2:28 pm  #1

Tom McConnell Marks 21 Years At CKTB Friday

Tom McConnell signed on his show Friday noting the day marked 21 years at 610. These days, that's somewhat of a major accomplishment. He ran down the list of owners who've gotten their hands on the station over the years, including Standard, Astral and now Bell. He listed Telemedia, but I don't recall them owning the place. Still, I suppose he would know.  

He also mentioned he hoped he wouldn't be there in another 21 years, while noting that would put him in his 70s, an age when few are still putting in the effort on the radio.

But he concluded by admitting, "you never know...."

Congratulations to McConnell. He's done both the morning and afternoon drive shifts. And he continues to take the longest pauses in the history of radio. (Sometimes I think the station is off the air, he waits so long when making a point.)  But he's a class act and I wouldn't mind if he was there for another two decades.