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June 8, 2021 8:22 pm  #1

Newspaper Column Question: Do You Still Enjoy Radio, And If So, Why?

This is about L.A. radio, so some of the stations mentioned won't necessarily be familiar to many here. But the spirit is similar. The columnist, Richard Waggoner, one of the few still writing about the medium for a newspaper, sums up his answer very succinctly. 

"I was fascinated with the stations that appeared at night and then went away during daylight – the long-distance stations that “skipped” through the atmosphere to reach my radio from cities far away. The annoyance of interference whenever my Dad turned on the fluorescent light in the den...

"I loved the personalities. I loved the excitement. I loved being part of something that was bigger than life itself.  The contests that I never won. (Though I do have a friend who won cash from Ten-Q twice. My friend Jeff is thus one of my brushes with greatness)...

The jocks who were truly stars...These guys were all my friends."

I can definitely relate to that fluorescent light complaint. We had several of them in my parents' house and they used to drive me crazy. 

Do you still enjoy radio, and if so, why?