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May 16, 2021 9:36 am  #1

Documentary Filmmaker Works On History Of Radio - With A Detroit Twist

It started as a film about the 101st anniversary of radio, and while that's part of it, it seems to have evolved with a lot of its focus put on Detroit Radio. Documentary filmmaker Ron Robinson says his "Radio Dayz...101 Years of Radio" feature may be available for streaming once he finally completes the project.

The article linked below mentions interviews with veterans from WJR and others, but there's no way he can leave out CKLW in a history of the Motor City broadcasters. And indeed, it can be heard in one of several trailers available on Robinson's website. 

Among those he's already talked to: Paul W Smith, Dick Purtan, Fred Jacobs, Dick Kernen, Jyl Forsyth, Mike Staff, John O’ Leary, Jo Jo-Shutty MacGregor, Mike Staff, and Art Vuolo. 

More here. 

See the trailer and other excerpts