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April 30, 2021 1:18 pm  #1

Jerry Agar Rants On Late Presser But What Happened Next Makes No Sense

I know a lot of people here are not fond of CFRB's Jerry Agar but on Friday, he did make a point. He went on a minute-long rant about politicians endlessly announcing a press conference at a specified time, only to move the start of it later and later and later. 

The most recent culprit of this deadline delay was Doug Ford, who was supposed to hold a press conference at 10:30 AM, then 11 AM, and then 11:30. Finally, it was revealed it wouldn't really start until noon, and even then it was a few minutes late. I don't really blame Agar for being P.O.'d because it messes with his show prep and it happens over and over and over again, regardless of party. Which is what led to his public complaint on his show, which you can hear here

But here's what I really can't figure out - the presser was heavily promoted all morning on John Moore's show. That promise to broadcast it was repeated on their newscasts and on Agar's program, as well. But then, when it finally did start at 12:04 PM, CFRB never even took it live! After all that hype, they stuck with that rather aggravating Tony Chapman pre-recorded show that airs in Evan Solomon's place every Friday and listeners never did get to hear any of it at all. (GNR640 did take the entire thing, which is where eventually I heard it.)

So how about a new rant regarding radio stations that say they will air an event live and then don't even bother to do it, without any explanation?

Maybe we can hear more about that on Monday.

If it doesn't start too late.