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April 28, 2021 9:27 am  #1

A Strange, Surreal Morning On CFRB

It was kind of a surreal morning on NT1010 Wednesday.

It began when Matt Gurney made what host John Moore called a "welcome return" to CFRB, as part of the second Roundtable. Of course, he used to do the mid-morning show on what was then called AM 640, the station's rival elsewhere on the dial. He was among many blown out in Feb. 2019, and I guess it's taken all these years for him to sever that connection and be allowed back on the hallowed 1010 airwaves. 

Of course, he was intro'd as what he was - a columnist in the National Post, where he returned after the radio gig ended. 

But it didn't end there. On Jerry Agar's show that followed, while discussing the Gen. John Vance scandal, and whether the Prime Minister did or didn't know about the sexual assault allegations against Canada's highest ranking military figure, a caller came on the air, openly insinuated that Mike Bullard had been railroaded in the courts as a victim of the "Me Too" movement and wanted to know why Jerry didn't want to discuss that. As far as I know, it's the first time Bullard's name has been mentioned on the station since he departed in disgrace, over his reported harassment of City TV reporter Cynthia Mulligan. The case effectively destroyed his career and outside of a brief tenure at Sauga 960, he hasn't been heard from since. 

While I didn't agree with the caller, Agar immediately dismissed him, repeatedly insisting 'the courts have ruled on that,' and quickly moved on. But boy, you could hear that he couldn't get away from that ghost of radio past fast enough!

All in all, a strange morning on CFRB but I will admit it was entertaining overall. And in the end, I suppose that's all station management really cares about.