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April 9, 2021 5:07 pm  #1

Mike Stafford's 20 year anniversary

Mike Stafford was doing some verbal tap dancing just before the top of the 8 am hour this morning, and he happened to mention that today is his twenty year anniversary at Corus. If you're a listener you know that over many years he's lived through quite a few versions and one or two aversions? of radio and the way it's morphed here in Toronto, finally making it to the holy grail, the morning show at GNR am640.

After a possibly life/career threatening injury and long absence last year, he returned to the airwaves several months ago and has steadily steered the audience through the pandemic with his usual brand of laid back intelligence and sometimes biting wit.

Congratulations Mike, looking forward to at least another decade or so of your morning show.🎙️🎧👏👏👏

sidebar: I'm a fan of Shaggy Dave, but man oh man was it great to hear former regular prod guy Patrick on with Mike today. Together the two still have that old radio magic some call chemistry...