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March 11, 2021 10:28 am  #1

Are we desensitized to the pain that job loss and cuts causes?

With the recent Bell cuts and some other stations and media closing and cutting, are we as an industry becoming or are desensitized to the emotional fall out that occurs.

Is there a broadcast organization, that helps counsel ex-employees and those that have their jobs still, but feel the pain and loss of colleagues they've worked with for years?

I stumbled on to Jay Onrait's talk on the job cuts and he get's very emotional, as I am sure many were on that fateful day.

Does the industry help enough, when it comes to events like these and  does it help to train, counsel both existing and former employees?

Also, is it okay to show this kind of emotion on air, or is best to be stoic and put on a brave front?

What's your take Big Yellow?

Here is the video with Jay back in early can clearly see, he was saddened and probably wondering, WTH insofar as being in the broadcasting biz.


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