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February 8, 2021 5:26 pm  #1

A Big 8 Vet Wants To Teach You How To Be A Radio P.D. Online

Pat Holiday is a veteran of radio and spent years both on the air and behind the scenes at the legendary CKLW, WOR-FM New York and later, CKFM, among others. He's now started a Master Class on YouTube designed to teach anyone who wants to know, how to be a Radio Program Director. The series is divided into several different segments and they're listed below.

Fun to listen to from a real pro, even if you know a lot of this stuff. 

How To Be A Radio P.D Master Class:

Part 1 - Radio Terms A

Part 2 - Radio Terms B

Part 3: THIS is the actual job

Part 4: The unlikely story of how we got here

Part 5: The Basics, Building Hot Clocks

Part 6: Programming Music For Radio