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February 4, 2021 5:48 pm  #1

"Liars" & "Greedy": Niagara Falls MPP Blasts Bell For CKTB Job Cuts

According to the St. Catharines Standard, CKTB is the latest to face the Bell wrecking ball. 

The most prominent name to depart against her will is Noelle Sinclair, a longtime station newsperson/reporter. Two other producers were also given pink slips.  

The article includes comments from several people, including a blistering attack on Bell by a Niagara Falls MPP, who accused those behind the job losses of being "liars" and "greedy.” And there's even a poignant comment from someone who's been there, done that - former CKTB talk show host Larry Fedoruk. 

Bell slashes more jobs at Niagara station 610 CKTB

There are also reports that CKLW took a hit, with the departure of longtime on-air performer Steve Bell. He'd been at the Big 8 for 40 years.