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January 24, 2021 10:20 am  #1

The 'white' album. NO - not 'that' white album!

It’s purely by coincidence my time of posting and the actual date of release, but is there anyone reading this post that stood outside of Sam the Record Man’s store on Yonge Street in 1969, waiting to buy Iron Butterfly’s third album – Ball?

My friend John and I did.

To the point of my subject title – while we were in line, one of the store’s employees came out and began telling everyone that they would in fact be able to buy the album but it was being sold in a plain white cardboard sleeve. The reason being given was that the printed artwork covers were delayed in being delivered to the company producing the actual vinyl records - I think to a facility in Scarborough. The actual release date for the record could not be changed so it was a white cover or nothing. We were told that we would need to come back at a later date and show proof of purchase in order to receive the proper cover. I don’t remember how they said they would notify us – the music consumers.

I specifically looked Wikipedia link , but found no reference to this one incident of a rock album being released in a white only cover/sleeve, except (obviously) for the Beatles White album, which was done on purpose.

I used to line up as well for Sam’s Boxing Day sales, for a period of time – and always the Yonge Street store, as I took the bus down Dufferin then the streetcar along Dundas. I didn’t live in the burbs near any plazas where Sam had other stores. Side note: when was the last time you heard anyone use the term “plaza”?

I went to the Iron Butterfly concert at Massey Hall. The Turtles were the opening act and I clearly remember that during instrument setup a cymbal ( I think) fell over and damaged the light box the Butterfly was going to use as part of their show. That's what my brian tells me I remember anyways

See here that show being listed as happening on February 2nd 1969. I was 17.

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