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January 11, 2021 5:02 pm  #1

Another Corus Talk Host Quits, Hinting It's Because Of Social Media

Talk about interesting timing. On the same day that Cumulus in the U.S. ordered hosts to stop talking about a rigged presidential election or risk being fired, a Corus radio host has announced her resignation, hinting that she's being silenced on sensitive topics.

Danielle Smith is not a well known name in this market, but the centre-right leaning host has been doing a daily show at CHQR Calgary for the past six years. In a written farewell to her audience, she hints that political correctness, social media and certain increasingly off-limit topics is behind her decision to leave the industry altogether. 

"It will be no surprise to you that I am gravely troubled by how easily most in our society have chosen to give up on freedom...Freedom of speech, in particular, is in a dire state. My entire adult life and career has been spent questioning authority and institutions and conventional wisdom. I’ve been all too aware that in many nations of the world it is against the law to speak truth to power. It can be dangerous. Sadly, in the last year I’ve noticed there are times where it has become perilous here too..."

"Unfortunately over the last few years far too many topics have become unchallengeable and the mob of political correctness thinks nothing of destroying a person’s career and reputation over some perceived slight, real or imagined. I’ve found that as a result there are many topics I simply choose not to cover anymore.

You rely on me to seek the truth and to give you my honest opinion. In this hyper-sensitive social media environment I don’t believe I can do that anymore. So it’s time for me to go.

"I do believe there is going to be a great reckoning in the next several years as we come to terms with what we’ve allowed social media to do to our relationships, our society, and our public discourse."

The former Alberta politician's last show is in February.

If how I interpret this is accurate, it seems like she's the second prominent Corus host to leave because of troubling social media backlash. Supriya Dwivedi departed GNR 640 at the end of last year after complaining of threats aimed against her family, noting she didn't feel the company had her back. Mike Stafford continues to host the morning show solo. 

You can read or listen to her entire farewell here. 


January 12, 2021 12:42 pm  #2

Re: Another Corus Talk Host Quits, Hinting It's Because Of Social Media

I’m pretty sure Danielle Smith didn’t have to deal with racism and threats to her family. She’s just a right-winger having trouble coming to terms that her views are out of step with reality.


January 12, 2021 2:17 pm  #3

Re: Another Corus Talk Host Quits, Hinting It's Because Of Social Media

I have no idea if Danielle Smith lies on her radio programme or not. I've never listened to it, although I have seen her as successor to Charles Adler on Global Sunday. However, some of her background may be helpful to know. This former Leader of Alberta's Wild Rose Party, resigned her party to cross the floor to the Progressive Conservatives. She later lost the PC Nomination in the riding she represented. I'm sure many here will remember the shock and dismay displayed by Wild Rose members when their leader crossed the floor...their LEADER crossed the floor.

According to her WIKI page: "At the age of 27, in 1998, Smith entered politics when she ran for the board of trustees of the Calgary Board of Education. She won, but less than a year later, the chairwoman complained that the board had become dysfunctional. In response, provincial Minister of Learning Lyle Oberg dismissed the entire board. Years later, Smith acknowledged she had been far too strident during her tenure as a board trustee and said the experience taught her to be more tolerant of those with whom she disagreed."
"...and said the experience taught her to be more tolerant of those with whom she disagreed." Oh really? I hope that's true. 

More from WIKI: "Smith has repeatedly shared false information about health. In 2012, she suggested meat contaminated with Escherichia coli could be given to poor people. In early 2020, she falsely claimed a cure for COVID-19. She later removed this claim."

Is she a liar and a divider? I'll leave that for you to decide. Should she be spouting god-knows-what on Global Radio? I'll leave that to Global's management to decide. If I lived in Alberta, would I be listening to her show? Not on your life. I hate being lied to, if that is what she is still doing.

P.S. She has announced that she's quitting Twitter as well. I'm sure I'll miss her.



January 12, 2021 2:51 pm  #4

Re: Another Corus Talk Host Quits, Hinting It's Because Of Social Media

Wimmen should never have been given the vote.     Blame Nellie McClung