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January 10, 2021 10:26 am  #1

Psst...have I got a radio and record store to sell in Yellowknife!!!

This is a cool story about a reclamation project. Business owner Dingeman Van Bochove just purchased the historic Yellowknife Radio Building in the historic section known as Gold Range.

Originally started back in 1952 by Harold Glick, it was a store that sold, records, radios and eventually Television sets. Even though it was nearly impossible to get a signal on your "T.V." in that part of the country.

This is feel good story and although it is not really broadcasting related, for those of us in the biz, we probably did a lot of time at our local record stores growing up. To buy that new 45 or get our Chum Charts...

In fact, Glick was also involved in the local volunteer run radio station too. CFYK, eventually became a CBC affiliate...

In an odd way, to us industry folk, Glick was living the dream...although in a bit of a remote part of the world. 

Haven't you secretly had a dream to own a record store, electronics store and a radio station? 

I know I have.

Here is more on the story...enjoy!

Oh and for a laugh, here is Jiminy Glick with Mel Brooks, no relation (I think) to Harold...


The world would be so good if it weren't for some people...