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December 29, 2020 8:06 am  #1

The Most Unlikely American Radio Station Goes Silent

If someone were to ask you where KCRW is located, you'd probably say somewhere on the west coast of the United States. And you'd be only half right. There is a KCRW in Santa Monica, California. But it turns out those are also the call letters of an NPR radio outlet in, of all places, Berlin. As in Germany. 

How did a U.S. station get on the air over there? The story outlined below is an interesting bit of radio history I'd never heard before. But the pandemic has put an end to the last U.S. radio broadcaster in Germany, a trend that goes all the way back to the end of WWII. Up until today, I have to admit I wasn't even aware there were any American entities that were licensed to broadcast terrestrially in foreign countries. This may be the last one. 

America’s voice goes silent in Berlin as last US radio station closes