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December 11, 2020 1:35 pm  #1

Two Worthwhile U.S. TV Networks You Can Watch Over The Web For Free

I just discovered a free service based in the U.S. called (pronounced "View It.") It's mostly a series of recorded newscasts from various markets in the U.S. along with some very specialized channels I'm pretty sure most of us wouldn't care to see. Its motto is "Live-Local-Free."

But there are two that I was surprised to find there. One is a free feed of "This TV," a subcarrier that runs on Channel 56 from the Buffalo area that no one can get north of the border due to a weak signal. It's partly owned by MGM and shows nothing but movies from that studio's extensive library 24 hours a day, along with occasional classic TV shows. 

The other is "Buzzer," and if you're a game show fan, this is a terrific station that runs repeats of shows like The Match Game, Password, and Classic Concentration, just to name a few. (A little creepy to see a very young Alex Trebek hosting the latter show, including a moment where he apologizes to a contestant for saying the same thing twice. "I repeat myself," he says, "because I'm getting old. Senile." How ironic that statement seems now.) 

What's unique about these stations, though, in addition to being subcarrier channels we can't get here, is that neither of them appear to be geoblocked in Canada. I turned off my VPN and refreshed my browser and they both worked. Another great set of timewasters during a very long pandemic.

ThisTV Feed

Buzzr TV Feed