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November 20, 2020 12:52 am  #31

Re: 89X Windsor Changing Format Thurs. & Predicts "Some May Not Like It"

Saul wrote:

Forward Power wrote:

Only in Canada, the land of cookie cutter media.

yes, really exciting radio! Maybe Blackburn 95.9 Windsor "The Wolf" will consider a switch to rock of some kind?  

Radio these days is run like I used to fish ... after 5 minutes I'd get impatient and change lures or bait. Didn't help much and I no longer fish...

95.9 has never been called the Wolf.  The GM there is supposedly deeply religious and despises rock music so that isn't going to happen.  Blackburn has been flipping stations away from rock in recent years.


November 20, 2020 3:24 pm  #33

Re: 89X Windsor Changing Format Thurs. & Predicts "Some May Not Like It"

The Detroit jock wasn't the only one fired in the middle of her shift. So was the morning man at 89X.
"Announcers got an email around 9 a.m. Wednesday saying there was an “emergency mandatory conference call” at 9:30 a.m. McKenzie said.

 “In that conference call, we were told, within a couple minutes, about the market changes, the market conditions, and that due to the format changes of the stations, our employment was being terminated,” McKenzie said. “That was pretty much all we were told.”

Employees were told they could apply if they wanted their old jobs back at the country station.

McKenzie said the last half hour of his show was recorded so he could join the conference call, but he wishes it would have been live so he could say goodbye to listeners." 

There's never a good way to do this. But this certainly was among the worst. Another classy move by Bell Media.

Former 89X radio host Mark McKenzie talks switch to country music, being laid off while on air

Meanwhile, the CBC notes that it's not just a loss for employees and listeners - but for Canadian bands, as well.
An end to an era, a loss for local musicians as 89X changes format

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