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October 29, 2020 1:48 pm  #1

He Cheated, Stole Millions & Went To Jail. Now He's Back On The Radio

If you've seen the HBO documentary "Wild Card: The Downfall Of A Radio Loudmouth," you know who Craig Carton is. He's the former host of the highly rated afternoon show on WFAN New York, the world's first all-sports format. But an addiction to gambling and his involvement in a Ponzi scheme that scammed millions of dollars out of unsuspecting victims led to him serving a year in the U.S. federal pen. 

Yet despite all that, he's now returning to the same station where all his troubles began. WFAN has confirmed that the ex-con will be back on their airwaves early next month. It's an incredible and almost unbelievable return, considering all the publicity his case received. But management has faith in him - and his former decent ratings - and there's little doubt that his high profile case won't hurt in promoting the show. 

I can't recall anyone ever having gone to jail for such a terrible crime (he still owes his victims some $5 million in restitution) and then getting a plum spot back with his former employer on his release. It's a fascinating development in a story that's far from over. 

And by the way, the linked story indicates WFAN is now primarily filled with spots for gambling sites and services. What could possibly go wrong? 

"Radio Loudmouth" Craig Carton Returns To WFAN