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October 25, 2020 11:50 am  #1

Because, why not, no...Because News! Premiers on CBC TV tonight

Gavin Crawford is an excellent comedy writer and does some pretty awesome impressions too. Tonight he is back on CBC  TV., with TV debut of Because News.

You might remember him from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, he did an amazing impression of the late Stuart McLean...and a  naughtier spoof on a CBC classical music radio show host...

He also did a pretty darn good version of Chantal Hebert too. I think Because News will be a refreshing humourous look at today's News Stories...and having see the radio version live in studio a few times, this show will be worth the watch!

Here is more on this story of the show's airing tonight (Sunday) at 7 pm

Oh and here he is doing Chantal Hebert...enjoy the laugh! 


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