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August 24, 2020 10:35 am  #1

Shades of WJM's Election Night Coverage

It was kind of fun to watch CBC and CTV news channels last night and their coverage of the Conservative leadership convention.  The hosts had to fill for about six hours while the party figured out how to repair about 4,000 damaged ballots.  And there were very few commercial breaks so the hosts, guests, reporters had their work cut out for them to fill all the time.  Overall both networks handled it pretty well in my opinion, but you could see after midnight the hosts were getting a little punchy..

Tom Mulclair on CTV was kind to the Tories.  He reminded everyone that the NDP's computer was actually hacked at one of their conventions, so the crumpled ballots  last night was minor to being hacked.  At least the ballots could be repaired he said.

 All of this reminded me of that classic Mary Tyler Moore program with WJM's election night coverage.  The computer went down after the first results came in and just a few polls reporting.   Ted had to fill for hours live on TV reporting the same early results over and over. Ted of course didn't know how to ad lib very well.