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August 16, 2020 3:29 pm  #1

How To Wish Anyone A Happy Birthday Using A Classic PAMS Radio Jingle

I'm sure this site has been around a long time, but I only recently discovered it. It's called the Motor City Radio Flashbacks page and if you grew up anywhere near Motown, it has just about everything - charts, stories, promotional items, airchecks, pictures and more about all the great stations in Detroit/Windsor radio history.

The MCRF Page

But of all the material up there (and there's a ton) there's one thing that definitely caught my ear. It's included in the jingles section and I used it this week when a former TV newsroom colleague of mine celebrated his birthday. It's the perfect way to send an old broadcaster best wishes. After all, what sounds better than a PAMS jingle? 

You can find it (and download it if you like) here.