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August 10, 2020 6:39 pm  #1

U.S. FM Station Asks For Help Finding Pirate Broadcasters

This isn't a local story, but I found it pretty unusual - an FM station in Tampa Bay is openly asking listeners to report on when a pirate signal is interrupting or causing interference on their frequency. 

"Are you having trouble getting WMNF on your radio? Pirates may be the cause!" reads the station's website.

"Only the FCC has the authority to apprehend such broadcasters. WMNF is committed to helping the FCC, and so we’re collecting information to help track these illegal broadcasters.

"Radio piracy refers to signal interference by an unlicensed (illegal) broadcaster. If you hear what sounds like a different station than WMNF or some sort of interference on 88.5fm in the Tampa Bay area, there is a chance you’re picking up the signal of a pirate radio station."

Usually, these things are handled behind the scenes. I can't remember ever seeing anything quite like this before but whatever is going on down there, it must be serious enough for them to take it public.

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