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July 27, 2020 6:53 am  #1

Poor work at CTV Toronto

  The lack of sports knowledge, and shoddy editing, at CTV Toronto continues to show.  Sunday's item on the Blue Jays' game in Tampa left out at least 1 key element -- the score.  Some highlights were shown on the 6 pm newscast -- all Toronto scoring -- and then at the end, a mention that the Jays lost 2 of 3 in Tampa.  No mention of the score.  And the item was repeated without any changes on the 11 pm cast.  Obviously, no one noticed.
   On another matter -- CTV's tribute to Eddie Shack was really done on the cheap.  Some vintage footage of The Entertainer was fine.  But the only tribute from anyone was a tweet from Doug Gilmour, who was obviously not a contemporary.  I know it was a Sunday, but they couldn't have found anyone associated with the Leafs or a broadcaster or writer to even talk to by phone?  Eddie deserved better.