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July 20, 2020 12:45 pm  #1

It Was Riveting Radio Regardless Of Your Political Perspective

I hesitated to put this up at all, because I hate to get political on this board and I try to avoid it whenever possible. After all, SOWNY’s supposed to be about local radio and TV and political topics tend to bitterly divide our posters. And that's not something I want to do. 
But when a rare moment of radio occurs that was simply amazing, it’s almost beside the point if it delves into a controversial area. So without taking sides, it’s important to note that I’m highlighting it for that.
It happened Monday on the Evan Solomon Show that airs on CFRB and the rest of the Bell network. It was guest hosted by Jamil Jivani, a Yale University legal graduate and visiting professor and currently an advisor to the Ontario government on disadvantaged people. He’s also Black and Conservative, and all those factors got him attacked this weekend in a major article in the Globe & Mail.
On Monday, just after the 12:30 PM news, Jivani – on the advice of morning man John Moore - broke his silence and launched into a major rebuttal about the Globe’s piece, arguing with a passion rarely heard on radio about why the paper and the author were wrong about him and accusing the Globe of becoming the very thing they accused him of being – a racist.
He launched into what sounded like an off-the-cuff response to Black Lives Matter, which he doesn’t support, noted 'there's no one spokesperson for any community,' and added that ‘capitalizing the word “Black” in a newspaper doesn’t mean you’re on the right side of history.’
It was argued with a passion and a sense of non-political correctness that was very refreshing in a medium where most radio talk hosts bend over backwards to prove their “wokeness.”
You can agree or disagree with his position, but there’s little doubt it was 10 minutes of really riveting radio. And that’s not something you hear on Toronto airwaves every day.
It’s not up on their audio replay page as of this posting, but I can’t believe they won’t add it at some time in the next few hours. It’s worth a listen, if only to hear an articulate man make an articulate defence of the one person he knows better than anyone – himself.

In the meantime, he's also published a response in the National Post with the provocative headline No one gets to tell me what kind of Black man to be.


July 20, 2020 3:07 pm  #2

Re: It Was Riveting Radio Regardless Of Your Political Perspective

The audio is up now if you want to hear it. 

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